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Archaeological Experience - DFW MIOS | DFW MIOS

Archaeological Experience

The Chateau de Chambord  (Loir-et-Cher, France)

France holds many secrets from the past. The region is rich in culture, art, history, and diverse geography, which makes it a great stomping ground for archaeologists. In the castle pictured above, there are many different sculptures that would promote the idea that dinosaurs and humans resided together in France, not millions of years ago, not thousands of years ago, but hundreds of years ago. This castle, and many others like it, were begun around 1100 AD, and finished around 1300 AD. The fact that they include dinosaur moldings inside plays great credit to its architects and artists. The monarch of the day wouldn’t allow some fairy-tale animal to be cut into the walls of his palace.

Palestinian Ancient Ruins (Israel)

Dr. Don Patton has been a leader of many excavation sites in Israel. Many MIOS members accompany him on these trips and participate in the digs. Their discoveries in ancient ruins like Jericho, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and many others have been well documented and very enlightening about Biblical times.

Ancient Temples of South-East Asia (Angkor, Cambodia)

Certain historical sites like this temple in Cambodia, and many others around the world, have some artistic references to dinosaurs. Some of these are moldings, some are tile drawings, and some are sculptures. Dr. Patton and other scientists have documented these findings and believe that there are multiple other possibilities around the world, that could be covered up by Evolutionists, who see the problem with accurate dinosaur sketches being molded into 700 year old castles.