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What is Origin Science? - DFW MIOS | DFW MIOS

What is Origin Science?

Intelligent Design or Evolution
Currently there are two opposing views that attempt to explain our origin through science. Either it originated from Intelligent Design or by Evolution. There are no other plausible scientific evidences to support any other theory.

Evidences supporting Intelligent Design often go hand in hand with the discoveries made within Creation Science. It must be formally noted, Creation Science involves scientific evidences and should in no wise be conveyed by the media as only a Biblical explanation of creation or any other religious belief.  Creation Science is scientific evidences, not religious doctrine.

Creation Science involves intensive scientific research conducted within the academic areas of biology, paleontology, genetics, astronomy, astrophysics, biochemistry and probability analysis. It studies the scientific data supporting the theory that the physical universe and life within it appeared abruptly and have not changed significantly since appearing.

However, only the theory of Evolution is currently taught within many of our classrooms and many are unaware of the significant scientific evidences that support the theory of Creation Science.

MIOS firmly stands behind the scientific data supporting the theory of Creation Science and strongly believes the scientific research done within this field of study should not be withheld and needs to be presented to the public and taught in our classrooms.

New scientific discoveries achieved through intensive scientific research and study within Creation Science continue to spark hot debate and controversy.  Academic freedom within our institutions must be preserved if we are going to find the truth behind our origin.  A wake up call for factual Scientific Evidences is in order.  To many are quick to turn a blind eye and unleash sharp criticism to anything that contradicts the doctrine of Evolution.  In fact the theory of Evolution is so misrepresented in the classroom.  Many blindly accept it as factual, unaware of the loopholes in the data and lake of solid scientific evidences supporting this theory.

MIOS, a non-profit organization, wants to continue to play an important role in conducting scientific research and documenting evidences that supports the theory of Creation Science and to continue to bring public awareness to these important scientific discoveries.