For over 20 years now, MIOS has been presenting and supplying information to others and is currently preparing its collection of old and new discoveries to be posted onto this site. For now, the links provided below will direct you to other websites where some of this information currently resides.

You do not have to be an archeologist, a geologists or scientist to fully appreciate the discoveries presented here.  Click “open up link” next to a subject matter below to learn more:

What do the fossil records tell us?

Evolution Falsified Fossil Man

Scientific debate on the Fossil record 

The scientific fossil record best supports young earth creation 

What can we learn from the rocks?

The Geologic Column says rapid and refute evolution 

How old is the earth?

Scientific Age of the Earth 

The scientific fossil record best supports young earth creation

The Laws of Science support young earth creation 

Did Dinosaurs and Humans co-exist?

Dinosaur Art From Ancient Tombs in Peru 

Dinosaur and Human Co-existence: Footprints 

Alis Delk Cretaceous Footprint 

Turnage-Patton Trail 

The Ryals Track 

The Burdick Track 

The Taylor Trail 

The Dinosaur Figurines of Acambaro, Mexico 

What is Creation Science?

Creation Science Defined 

What other types of evidences support Creation?

Creation evidence from South America