Upcoming Events

MIOS meets the first Tuesday of each month (excluding January) at the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Farmer’s Branch, Texas at 7:30 p.m. Lectures and/or video presentations are presented each month on varying topics related to the scientific evidences to support Creation. Current and past lecturers include Dr. Don R. Patton, Dr. Clifford Wilson, author of Crash Go The Chariots and 80 other books related to his field of expertise of archeology, Dr. Les Bruce, linguist, Dr. Henry Morris, III, Dr. Jobe Martin, Mr. Brian Thomas, Dr. Barbara Wilson, Mr. David Bassett, Mr. David McQueen, Dr. Carl Baugh, Dr. Dennis Swift and many more.

Attendance is free and open to the public.  Come share an enjoyable and profitable evening with us.

Physical Address for Meeting Location:

Dr. Pepper StarCenter

12700 N. Stemmons Frwy

Farmers Branch, Texas 75234


For more information, please send inquires to info@dfwmios.com

Upcoming Meeting Topic for July 7, 2009


Speaker:  Dr. Charles McCombs

According to evolutionary theory, we have all heard that life came from chemicals, that all life originated through natural processes, and that the entire theory of chemical evolution has been proven. In spite of these claims, nothing could be further from the truth. Chemical evolution claims a process, but that process breaks several known laws of science and chemistry. Chemical evolution claims that chemical reactions formed life, but the chemical reactions they need to happen do not happen in that manner. Although chemical evolution says, “Yes,” to life from chemicals, chemistry says, “No!” Can natural processes do what the universal laws of science say cannot happen? No, and that is why Evolution Hopes You Don’t Know Chemistry!

Charles McCombs is a PhD Organic Chemist with a degree from UCLA obtained in 1978. In his 21 years of working for Eastman Chemical Company, he received 20 patents. Since retiring from Eastman, he and his wife have been involved in creation ministry. From 1998 as Genesis Ministries (www.genesisministries.com), they have been giving seminars, providing VBS and children’s workshops to churches and Christian schools across the US . Dr. McCombs and his wife have also served in the roles of teacher, principal, and administrator at a Christian school in Florida where they taught creation. In August of 2008, Dr. Henry Morris, III, invited them to join the ICR staff to do the LORD’s work here in Texas .